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ALEXAIRLeisure flights over Brno

Safety always comes first: this is a short document to brief you about some of the safety measures and best practices when flying in a Cessna 172. Have you and your friends read this document before boarding.
Brno, South Moravia - Czech Republic. A beautiful and natural shots that magically captures all the iconic symbols of the city known to many as the "Heart of Europe". The photo was taken during one of the recent flights. You can download it today for free and enjoy the breathtaking birds-eye view. It sports an incredible 4K resolution!
Once you are back with your feet on the ground after a flight with ALEXAIR, do not forget to share the experience with your friends and family. Bring them in with you for a "second round" and you will get a 200,- CZK discount on your rental cost! Print this voucher and bring it with you on your second flight. Check the other discounts in the "Promotions" page.
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